Classic Prime Rib Roast - $30 Deposit Required


Classic Prime Rib Roast - $30 Deposit Required


Painted Hill Beef - Classic Prime Rib Roast - Whole Rib Loin contains 7 ribs, Approximately 14 - 16 pound roast size. 1 rib weighs 2-2.5 lbs and feeds approximately 2.5 people.

Unseasoned $17.99/lb

Seasoned at $18.99/lb

Seasoned Roast is seasoned with Rain Shadow Meats Seasoning Salt, containing salt, pepper, fennel, chili flake, herbs.

***Approximate cost of a 7 Rib Roast at $17.99/lb is $250.00 +/-***

$30 Deposit Required - when you pick up your order you'll be charged the remaining balance, based on the actual weight of the roast.

**STOCK PHOTO - not actual product**

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