Neuske's Hams - $12.99/lb $25 deposit required


Neuske's Hams - $12.99/lb $25 deposit required


The Neuske Family has been smoking meats for over 100 years in Wisconsin using the family recipes brought with them from Europe. These hams have stood the test of time and are a perfect centerpiece to your holiday celebrations. Hand trimmed and Applewood smoked for up to 24 hours with no added water, fillers or extenders to insure a pure product. Ready to heat and serve.  $12.99 per pound

Boneless hams available in the the following sizes:

Whole 8-9lbs

Half 4-4.5lbs

Quarters 3-4lbs

Bone In, Honey Glazed and Spiral Cut

Half 8-9lbs

$25 Deposit Required - when you pick up your order you'll be charged the remaining balance, based on the actual weight of the ham.

**STOCK PHOTO - not actual product**


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