welcome to our new website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. Many things have changed since we opened 7 years ago in the Melrose Market. We are currently watching our sleepy city turn into a major player in the world market. The Seahawks actually won a Super Bowl, (still waiting on the Mariners to do something), our slim flip phones turned into full-on mini computers in our pockets and food trends have come and gone as fast as they arrived. One thing that remains consistent is the fact that people still need to eat and like to have options for what we put in our bodies. As our city changes, so do our tastes, habits and need for all things good. We all want access to everything all the time. Our new website falls in line with all of this. You now have access to our website from any device you happen to have in your hand: phone, tablet or laptop. We willcontinually improve the website with updated blog posts that feature butcher specials as well as seasonal offerings. 

The launch of our online store, along with home delivery, will follow very quickly. Yes, delivery! We see the trend of online shopping and home delivery and want to extend that option to all of our loyal customers and fans who may not be able to make it out to our shops every week to stock up. Sign up for delivery by sending us your email address.  

Please take a minute to click around the new website and tell us what you think. We are very interested in any products that you would like us to offer and welcome suggestions. 

Thank you all for your continued support,