Pioneer Square Store Now Open


INTRODUCING CHICHARRON TUESDAYS!  Join us every Tuesday for fried chicharron with Maggie's fermented green chili salt. $5/bag!

Facebook - September 1

EAT MEAT hats 2.0! Get em while there hot...$15 each available at
both shops!

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Facebook - August 20

I usually just work the Seahawks games at CenturyLink but tonight I
helped out for the Sounders game. I wanted to give a HUGE shout out
to local butcher Rain Shadow Meats! They have some new sandwiches
at the stadiums and it was the only item that sold out on the club
level!!! Whenever someone asked me what Rain Shadow was I, of
course, was sure to let people know it was a local shop here in
Seattle and that they should go and check it out. Shop local!

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